Al-Sayer Chalet

The Al-Sayer Chalets in Banider 267 Road hat to be replanned. It is a pitty, that we could not visit the finished project. Here are some studys.


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W A K / Biannual Photographic Exhibitions

We organize every spring and autumn an exhibition in the studios of the Wiener Amateurphotographen Klub. This club exist for more than a century.

The openings are still big fun.


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House P1

This is our first realized housing project. It is located in Stattegg near Graz and it is also aging beautiful.

Prince of Orient

October, 2008
Hofmobiliendepot, Vienna
sponsored by Turkish Embassy Vienna, Hofmobiliendepot Museum, Denizbank, Turkish Airlines

The Austrian Museum for the Imperial Furniture Collection invited maybe to curate an exhibition in its space, with the focus on the orientalism, to celebrate the Crownprince Rudolph year, who was an enthusiast in the Orient. Several installations reflecting the past, exhibited together with 15 most contemporary turkish designers’ seating units around one table.


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Villa K1

A very nice housing project in the hills of Vienna. We used a maximum of technical installation in this project.