House N1

This house in southern Vienna was planned mostly by himself. We added some spice and adapted it due to local regulations. It was finished around 2014. It took us “years” to follow the invitation and finally take some pics.

Tepe Bistro

We made this bistro in the 9. district of Vienna, in Berggasse 29. This low budget project included also strategic plans from pricing to food concept.


We planned a double house for the Minerva company. OK, we made also the CI and all the other stuff…

Kuzbari Center of Aesthetic Medicine

The Kuzbari Center of Aesthetic Medicine is located in the center of Vienna right across the opera house. We have planned and supervised this project together with Francesco Lopez.

Patisseries Divan

The Turkish Divan patisserie chain has dozens of branches. Together with our turkish partners, we made a fresh redesign with a new POS experience.

Villa B

We met Alex, while supervising the fashion mall in Kuwait. He was building his house in the stage of raw construction. The redesigning of the initial concept is one of our favorite projects.

Villa K1

This private project was very complicated. We used more than 80.000m cable in this house, imagine the rest.

Villa Moda

The fashion mall was located in Kuwait City, near to the old souk. The fusion of the western and eastern trade habits melted with best fashion brands.


The Yengari restaurant project is located in the 11th district of Vienna.

It is serving one of the best turkish meat dishes. The kitchen is well known by the locals.