Wohnhaus in Wien XXII

Hier wurden mehrere kleine Wohnungen erstellt. Wir haben uns dafür eingesetzt, daß der Baum an der Straße stehenbleibt.


We planned two objects for Minerva in Biedermannsdorf and created their CI.


I post only one image at a time. This one has the name “Sehnsucht”. 

Cut me!

Cut me!

A free standing lamp with a latex, bondage shade.

A blade was tied to the shade, provoking the visitors to cut the skin and leave scars on the furniture. 

More scars were meant for more light.

The unique piece got lost before we could take a picture after the XXX design exhibition in Istanbul.

Maybe its time to build a second one.

Villa B1

The Villa in the city of Kuwait was in raw construction, when we took over.  We gave the house a “soul”, due to the owner. A great client.


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Kuzbari Aesthetics

Dr. Rafic Kuzbari is one of the best addresses, for plastic surgery and more. We planned and supervised the center at the Palais Tadesco with around 400m2.


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The center moved to a new place at the “Goldenes Quartier” and became triple the size. In the second project we were involved in the initial planning.